Jewelry design competition 2022 | Jewelry Design Award 2022

Jewelry Design Competition 2022

Jewellery design competition 2022 is very important for a creative person especially manual jewelry designers. The year 2020 and 2021 was also very difficult to manage and arrange because of covid epidemic issue all over the world. 

Jewelry design competition in covid pandemic 

Some jewelry design competitions has not happened in 2020 and also in 2021 for this difficult situation. Some jewelry design competitions happened online. And the expectations of organisers and also participants also not very high it was average. 

Jewelry design competition 2022 online (Jewellery competition 2022)

This year 2022 some jewelry design competitions will happen online and also some offline/online as usual. I am sharing and updating all the jewellery design competition 2022 details below. 

Jewelry design competition now

As organisers announced their competition details would update here in this post. You have to regularly check this jewellery design competition 2022 post for the more current update of jewelry design award 2022. 

International jewelry design competition 2022

Some jewelry design competitions would be country level and some also international jewelry design competitions 2022. Some would be virtual jewelry design competition 2022 very easy to participate.  

Participate in Jewelry design competition

So look at this jewelry blog for jewelry design competition now and participate as much as you can. Organisers and judges are also very excited to see the new creation of new designers around the world. 

Jewelry design competition terms and conditions (Jewelry design competition rules)

Before submitting your jewelry design sketch kindly see and read all the terms and conditions on jewelry design competition's official website. Some very beautiful designs are rejected because of the rule of jewelry design competition is not followed. 

Jewelry design competition 2022 theme 

The theme of jewelry design competition (jewellery competition 2022) is also very challenging for all the jewelry designers because of jewelry design theme, the creativity of jewelry design, the technicality of jewelry design and many more. 

List of Jewelry competition 2022


Name: The Artisan Awards and by the Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council of India (GJEPC)

Organise in Country: India

(Last date of submission 30th November 2021   )

Entry Fee: Free

Theme: Elizabeth Taylor, Barbara Hutton, Wallis Simpson

Prizes: 1) Significant cash prizes

 2) Invaluable publicity through mentions in fashion luxury magazines 

 3) instant exposure to the big player in the Gem and Jewellery Industry

 4) An opportunity to take centre-stage at a glittering evening to celebrate the culmination of artisan awards 2021

 5) A stylised photoshoot of all winning designs

        Contact:  022-4226 3600 or email: [email protected]


Name: The International Art & Design Competition 2022 and by Accademia Riaci  Firenze, Italia

Organise in Country: Italia

 (Last date of submission DECEMBER 20th 2021

Deadline for Entry Submission: FEBRUARY 15, 2022

Final Result Publication – The winners will be informed about the result by e-mail on MARCH 31: MARCH 31, 2022

Due date for actual projects to be received at Accademia Riaci: JUNE 15, 2022

Exhibition of Prize-winning Projects: SEPTEMBER 2022

Prize-winners enrol Accademia Riaci: SEPTEMBER 5, 2022 – SEPTEMBER 4, 2023)

Country of participants: no specific nationality


David Bicci
Daniele Bartalesi
Andi Nufer
Monica Buongiovanni


1st place: the participant with the best project will be able to attend Accademia Riaci “Master course”- in his/her related field, with TOTAL exemption from the payment of the 2022/2023 enrollment fee and tuition fee;

– 2nd place: “Master course” at Accademia Riaci, with TOTAL exemption from the 2022/2023 tuition fee;

– 3rd place: “Master course” at Accademia Riaci, with PARTIAL exemption (8300 Euro) from the 2022/2023 tuition fee ; for enrolling it, it’s necessary to pay 8300 Euro ( 3000 Euro for enrollment fee and 5300 Euro for tuition fee)

Contact:  [email protected]


Name: The Young Artist Award (YAA) and by The Art Jewelry Forum (AJF)

Organise in Country: USA

(Last date of submission 9th January 2022)


Artist MJ Tyson (US), winner of the 2020 AJF Young Artist Award

Collector Karen Rotenberg (US)

Curator Chequita Nahar (the Netherlands)


1. Unrestricted cash award of US$7,500 for the winner

2. Unrestricted cash award of US$1,000 for each of four finalists

3. The winner will be recognized as a member of AJF on AJF’s website for one year

4. An interview will be conducted with the winner and each of the four finalists, to be published on AJF’s website during the spring of 2022

            Contact:  (210) 504-9811 [email protected]

Go and participate in jewelry design competition (jewellery design competition 2022)

I wish you all the very best to all the jewelry designers and jewelry design competition organisers. 

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