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1. How To Apply JewelryDesign Contest?

2. How To Submit Design For Jewelry Design?

3. How Many Designs Required For Jewelry Design Competition?

4. How To Submit Design For Jewelry Design Competition?

5. Can I Enter A Design For An Existing Commercial Product?

6. Which Is The Best Article For Jewelry Design Competition?

Most Popular Jewelry Design Contest Are...

1. IGI Jewelry Design Contest

2. Saul Bell Design Award

3. CPAA International Pearl Design Competition

4. A' Design Award And Competition

5. Designing Contest – Candere

6. Draw A Design Award by VGL Group In Collaboration With Preeta Agarwal

7. The Artisan Jewellery Design Awards

8. Caratlane “Name Our Jewellery” Contest

9. Swarovski Gemstones Design Competition

10. Australian Pearl Jewellery Design Competition By Cygnet Bay Pearls

11. Italian Jewellery Design Competition “Gold Sign”

12. World / Nid Design Excellence Awards

13. The Tahitian Pearl Trophy

14. Samshin International Diamond Jewellery Design Awards

15. DTC India (Diamond Trading Company) Design Competition

16. International Jewelry Design Innovation (JDI) Competition by The Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers’ Association ((HKJMA)

17. CPAA The International Pearl Design Competition by The Cultured Pearl Association of America

18. JCK Jewelers Choice Awards

19. WJA The DIVA Design Competition

20. Indian Gurlz Diamond Jewellery Design Competition

21. Bright Sparks Diamond Jewellery Design Competition By De Beers

22. Jet Gems ‘Shine On Design’ Contest Mumbai

23. MIJF Jewellery Design Awards Malaysia

24. George A. Schuetz Jewelry Design Contest by The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) 

25. ATR Gold And New All India Jewellery Design Competition

26. KJDA International Jewelry Design Contest by Korea Jewelry Design Association South Korea

27. JMA International Jewelry Design Competition By Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers' Association

28. GIT's World Jewelry Design Awards (The Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand)

29. Jewellery Design Competition Turkish

30. Global Jewelry Design Contest Masters In Creativity (MIC) Antwerp, Belgium

31. JNA Jewellery Design Competition Asia

32. JA Design Competition By Jewelers Of America

33. Jewelers Choice Design Awards By Indian Jeweler Magazine India (Jaipur Jewellery Show)

34. IIJS Jewelry Design Contest

35. National Jewelry Awards India (NJA)

36. Shining Light Awards 2020/2021 jewellery design competition

37. UK Jewellery Awards (UK Jewellery Festival)

38. Saul Bell Design Award Competition 

39. THENEXTNOW Jewelry Designer’s Competition

40. MJSAVision Awards (MJSA Professional Excellence in Jewelry Making and Design)

41. InternationalJewellery Design Excellence Award (IJDE Award)

42. International Jewellery Competition YOUNG DESIGNERS CORNER Europe

43. International Art & Design Competition 

44. Shining Light Awards by De Beers 

45. JJS-IJ Jewellers Choice Design Awards (Jaipur Jewellery Show) powered by GIA

International Jewellery Design Competition 2021 (jewelry competition 2021): 

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1. The Artisan Jewellery Design Awards 2021

( 2021 theme a) Victorian Jewellery, b) Temple Jewellery, c) Japanesque Jewellery Last date of entry 25th November 2021) 

2. UKJewellery Awards 2021 

(The last date of entry 23rd April 2021 For more details Contact Charlotte Mckenzie on +44 020 3953 2050 or email

3. Saul Bell Design Award Competition 2021 

(Saul Bell Design Award competition 2021 is cancelled for COVID-19)

4. THENEXTNOW Jewelry Designer’s Competition 2021 

( In this year Virtually date 27th January 2021) 

5. International Art & Design Competition 2021 Firenze, Italia

(Date of entry: 20th January 2021)

6. Jewelers Choice Design Awards 2021

(Date of entry: 31st August 2021)

7. Shining Light Awards by De Beers Group 2021 

(Date of entry 30th April 2021 Only for Botswana, Canada, Namibia or South Africa citizen)

8.  A' Design Award And Competition 2021 

(Date of entry: 28th February 2021)

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