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After came to Mumbai startted jewelry design course. One and half year later I finished a course of jewelry designing and choose as a career on jewelry design and got a job in private jewellery company in Mumbai. Then tried to work with more than two reputed company in Mumbai India.

After some time realised that job is not perfect for me so I started freelance jewelry design from my home and started working with some jewelry manufacturer in Mumbai and then expand my plan to Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi and many more cities in India.

In 2004 founded Sunshhine as a new jewelry design institute and freelance jewelry design marketing company and started working. Because craze of social media like Facebook, Instagram and digital marketing platform jewelry creation can reached anywhere in the World. Especially jewellers and customers connected from US, UK, Spain, Canada and many more cities in the world.

August 2017 was thinking about how to educate people worldwide and what is the best platform to connect with students or who want to learn jewelry design online but they don't have any source to learn from. So many times before I started a Youtube channel in the year of 2015 and that time a started to share jewelry design on youtube channel as an online jewelry design course free and lots of viewers connect from worldwide through youtube and then can learn from my video and develop there skill day by day.

While working in the jewelry industry I tried to learn more skill like software especially coral draw photoshop. And then start to learn digital marketing and try to connect more with the industry via social media advertisement website and many more way.

In March 2020 due to lockdown in Indian because of coronavirus pandemic, I learned a lot about how to work online and digital marketing and many more things in details then decided to start a blog and finally launched my website in June 2020. Interested person can visit my new website as a ''Online Jewelry Art'' and see jewelry design website for the latest jewelry design for making jewelry and ask for customised design.

If you like this jewelry design website's online jewelry designs and if it's created some value then don't forget to support me by donating through Paypal or other payments option. It will help me to create 1 Million + Jewelry designs for this jewelry design website and create value to jewelry industry.

In this blog or Online Jewelry Art Website, I would like to share jewelry design like Diamond jewelry design, gold jewelry design, antique jewelry design, imitation jewelry design and all type latest jewelry design especially necklace, pendant, earring, ring, bracelet, bangle etc..

Jewelry Designer 
Surajit Adhikari