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Popular jewelry design contests ''Reverse Waterfall''

Naneghat is a place near Pune in India flows a waterfall in the reverse direction and its look like heaven and sometimes it's like an unbelievable thing is happening here. because of the strong force of the wind pushes the gushing water upwards. The same theme can be seen in the bracelet design like a reverse waterfall. 

This bracelet can be made with 18 karats yellow gold and the white portion can be made with feathers and These feathers should be sewn with thread and tied with a bracelet and then the feathers should be well combed and spread.

To tie the feathers, the gold bracelet should have some holes in it and should be tied very tightly. The gold part is not visible due to the very small and holes are very close to each other in the gold part.

This bracelet design will look very smart and trendy for every young stylish girl. 

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Popular jewelry Competition design ''The Relaxing Tool''

Every hardworking person likes to work harder than before for there love and dedication for there work and after finished there daily based work they like to seat for relaxation.
The chair is one of the best tools for relaxation. This 18 kt chair shaped diamond ring is unique to wear and show the level of creativity. This type of ring can be worn any kind of party and family function and this kind of creativity can be seen on the red carpet also for its uniqueness. 
The best way to wear jewelry is to wear creativity, unique and charming article for satisfaction and relaxation. This ring is an example to wear the best for the present and set a trend for who like and wear jewelry.
The chair is the best tools for relaxation for the person who is poor or rich. Because the whole world takes a seat to feel relaxed on a chair. This chair shaped 18kt diamond ring is an example to create a unique and different article, is wearable. 

Jewellery Design Competition
Popular jewelry Competition design 

Jewellery design competition ''Mood Of Dandelion''

Worlds most beautiful and lightweight flower is dandelion. Its can fly whenever they want to go high and this mood can see on this beautiful necklace design. this mood of dandelion necklace can be made with 18 karat gold with some colour stone like citrine ruby and red. deferent color is showing deferent kind of mood of dandelion on this necklace design can wear for any type of function and occasion.

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Popular jewelry Contest design ''Power Of Volcano'' 

In the world, more than1500 Volcano's are active. The Volcano's are beautiful creations of natures and this ruby diamond ring is a shape of a live Volcano. Centre ruby part describes the volcanos Inside warm lava and that another diamond with thin gold line part is like smokey area beside the volcano. 

This ring can be made with 18kt gold and natural ruby with gold quality diamond for jewelry lover.
This ring one of the best option to wear nature on a finger and feel the temperature of a volcano and show the world that nature is so beautiful and it creates a beautiful Universe long long years ago. 

Colourful bubbles are one of the beautiful categories who love to create a design with colour stone and play with the best option of colour available for the industry. This design is created for the love for nature for respect.

Jewelry Design Contest
Popular jewelry Contest design

Jewelry design contest ''Feather Wind''

Feathers can be seen on the animal in a different colour defferent shape and in defferent designs. Some feathers can be seen while flying in different places and it's looking so natural and beautiful.

This feather shaped ring looks flying because one point is up and the other side is attached with spiral shape shank. Spiral shaped shank indicating feathers are flying and roaming worldwide. Also, the tilted shaped feather is indicating its flying naturally.

This Natural Feather look Ring can be made with 22 karat gold or 18 karat gold with high polished.

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Jewellery design awards ''Energy Of Pagoda''

This ring design is inspired by Pagoda meditation Hall based in Mumbai India. 8000 meditators can seat and meditate to get positive energy at The Meditation Dome Hall. It's the largest meditation hall in the world. This ring design can be made with 18 kt gold and finished with high polished for male and female. 

This unique shape ring design is inspired by the largest meditation hall in the world based in Mumbai India. Its made with 18 karat gold and this concept is developed for female and male both. This kind of concept always spread positivity.

''Energy Of Pagoda'' describes the beautiful architecture of India and its one of the best opportunity to create a concept to show the creativity for the category ''Artistic Expressions''.

Jewelry Design Contest
Jewellery design awards

Jewellery design awards ''The Rice Field''

After 3 to 4 months of hard work under the sun and facing heavy rains, a farmer produces rice like a diamond on the rice field. In this ring, the design shows 4 female farmers doing priceless work by producing rice for their livelihood. The two parts of the ring mean that we are cultivating on one side and producing diamonds on the other side. 

This ring design can be made with 18 karat gold with good quality diamond and best colour like D,E,F. And on the top side, some areas can use multicolour enamel to finish with premium quality.

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Popular jewelry design contests ''Joy Of Society'' 

We live In our society, and there have lots of expressions like the Galaxy. In this ring design, one side has many colours that show the culture of society. The red ruby shows love, green emerald shows the nature, yellow citrine shows happiness and blue sapphire shows calm and responsibilities and another side has lots of gold polished human figures and their hands are up that expressions show the happiest moment of their life and diamonds show the sparkles of the human mind.

This multicolour ring describes the nature of our society and it's one of the best concepts to wear and show the expression to our society. This ring is wearable and matches with any kind of functions and colours. So it's the best option for forever.

The concept is created to show the happiness of society. This design is one of the best ways to show the culture and colour of society like sparkles of the Galaxy in the Universe.

Jewellery Design Competition
Popular jewelry design contests

Popular jewellery design contests ''Victorian Crinoline'' 

In the age of 1858, Queen Victoria's most sophisticated attire become popular and one of the most widely participated . The earring design is inspired of that unique piece set with diamond, sapphire cabochon, pearl and green beads.  

Jewelry Design Contest
Earring for jewelry design competition

Popular jewellery design contests ''Hungry Youngstars'' 

One of the popular bird in redhead and black colour is wood picker in Japan and design also is about a story of a mother and child of daily life. Like when newborn babies feel hungry and they wait for their mother to get feed some healthy food. 

Jewellery Design Competition
Broch for jewelry design competition

Popular jewelry design contests are   

1. Saul Bell Design Award

2. CPAA International Pearl Design Competition

3. A' Design Award And Competition

4. The Artisan Awards

5. International Titanium Design Competition

6. The Tahitian Pearl Trophy

7. DTC India (Diamond Trading Corporation) Design Competition

8. JDI International Design Awards

9. International South Sea Pearl Design Competition

10. Jewelers Choice Design Awards By Indian Jeweler Magazine India etc....

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