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Leopard Jewelry Sets

1. Leopard Diamond Bracelet | Leopard Bracelet Gold | Leopard Bracelet Silver | Leopard Diamond Bracelet

Leopard Jewelry Sets 1

This is a diamond bracelet design. This design is based on 18k gold and especially make with gold chain. Gold chain can be put 22k or 18k depends on demand and trend also client requirements. A beautiful leopard is sitting on the bracelet is create an elegance look. Leopard make with gold and 18k gold is the best option to be made. The spot on the leopard can be done with engraving work and black oxidised finish on it. This diamond gold bracelet is very unique to wear for any kind of occasions like marriage party birthday party and all. 

2. Leopard Pendant Necklace | Leopard Pendant Gold | Pendant Leopard Silver| Leopard Diamond Pendant

Leopard Jewelry Sets 2

Beautiful leopard pendent design is based on nature. The leopard is sitting position. The Emerald marquises is described a tree and the leopard is looking on it. The frame on the outside is like a home frame and it's made with princess cut diamond near by size 0.05ct each. The leopard is made with diamonds and black enamel. The pendant chain could be use like strong white gold chain. This type of design is best for middle aged female and also teenager. But any one who is like to wear trendy design who can wear this if she is old aged woman also. Some beautiful ruby is hanging down on the pendant is dangling and it will look nice if someone wear a dress that have red colour touch on it. It could be matched dress colour and girls would like this to wear for special diamond jewellery collection.

3. Leopard Diamond Necklace | Leopard Necklace | Leopard Necklace Set | Leopard Necklace Paparazzi

Leopard Jewelry Sets 3
An wonderful full diamond necklace design is inspired by Cartier jewelry. This diamond necklace is not very flexible. This stiff diamond necklace design is very trendy because this type of design rarely seen on red carpet. Cartier has made lots of jewelry in leopard concept but this is totally unique for the jewelry industry. A beautiful pear shape of emerald is hanging on the centre. This emerald is the only colour of the necklace because rest of the necklace should be made with white gold and EF colour diamond that will look totally white. 

4. Leopard Earrings | Leopard Earrings Paparazzi | Leopard Earrings Hoops | Leopard Earrings Gold 

Leopard Jewelry Sets 4

Nature inspired design pendant is look awesome especially for the red flower. The tiger is sitting on the tree is looking very beautiful. The tiger is in sleeping mood and feeling relaxed. Some leaves can be seen on the tree should be made with green enamel. The green emerald cut emerald is on the centre is looking very gorgeous. And the jhumka is on the centre is looking Indian and it's made it awesome look. 

5. Leopard Lariat Pendant | Leopard Pendant Necklace | Leopard Pendant Chain Necklace | Leopard Diamond Pendant

Leopard Jewelry Sets 5

Peace of mind is the concept of this leopard diamond pendant. The peace design is made with white gold metal with high polished. This leopard is very young and active. The diamond chain pendant design is create for today's generation who would like to wear diamond jewellery and make it trend. This type of diamond jewellery design is always create a new trend for the jewelry industry. 

6. Leopard Diamond Earrings | Long Leopard Earrings | Leopard Diamond Earrings| Leopard Design Earrings

Leopard Jewelry Sets 6

Leopard earring design is one of the best concept for leopard jewelry set trend. Blue sapphire is used on the ramp where the leopard is walking. This leopard earring design is little bit heavy but totally deferent from any other earring design. So if some want to wear little bit deferent then this is the option for them.

7. Leopard Design Pendant | Leopard Diamond Pendant | Leopard Diamond Pendant Necklace | White Gold Leopard Pendant

Leopard Jewelry Sets 7

When the Leopard trying to climb up, this is the situation has been created on the concept. The circle is like our globe and the brown pave setting ston is indicate the real stone on hill. The green stone is setting on the leaves are looking beautiful. This kind of couture jewelry design is very special for today's trend. 

8. White Gold Leopard Pendant | Leopard Design Pendant | Eopard Necklace Gold | Leopard Print Pendant Necklace

Leopard Jewelry Sets 8

It's like a leopard in a cube and want to jump out from there. on the chain is used pearl chain and backside has a pendent design on it. The cube is made with only diamond on 18k gold. Diamond and black diamond is set on the leopard figure. On the backside, a little charming beads jhumka is also there. Very lightweight leopard necklace design is absolutely perfect for party wear jewelry design concept. 

9. Leopard Necklace Set | Leopard Necklace Long | Vintage Leopard Long Necklace | Leopard Necklace Paparazzi

Leopard Jewelry Sets 9

A beautiful beads design concept on leopard. One side emerald is falling on the right side and another side is holding by jumping leopard set with natural diamond and also with black diamond. The left side of this leopard necklace is set with diamond chain. Falling emerald beads ending with a beautiful pearl on each line. 

10. Leopard Diamond Pendant |  Leopard Pendant Light | White Gold Leopard Pendant | Leopard Tassel Necklace

Leopard Jewelry Sets 10

The moment is when a leopard straight coming from afar to me. The speed of a running leopard is matters. So the outside of the design is made with a flow of some gold line and diamond line with pave setting. The chain pendant is a very charming and trendy look to wear at any party or any occasion for any age of women. 


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