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How to learn jewellery designing online free

Introduction to Jewelry Design Course: Leason 1

Who am I to teach u jewelry design?

 Sometimes people think about from where to learn jewelry design. Now the time is almost over. I am Surajit Adhikari a professional jewellery designer and I have 20+ years of experience (2020). I am working for the best companies in jewelry industry from 2004 as a freelance jewellery designer. I am still active for the industry and I also teach jewelry design course online and offline. And I operate my work from Mumbai and is the best city for the jewelry industry.

I have experience in diamond jewelry design, gold jewelry design (antique jewelry design), kundan jewelry design, polki jewelry design, imitation jewellery design and more. 

I also work for other countries also like United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Sweeden, Dubai and more. I work with them through online because this is the only option to work with many countries from Mumbai in India. 

diamond earring design

Why would I teach you a (INR) Rs. 100000 course (
jewelry design online course free) for free? How to learn jewellery designing online free? 

After 20+ years experience, I was thinking about how to help people in the World who is interested in jewelry designing. So that I started teaching online for free. In the world lots of people who is interested in jewelry design but there has no opportunity to learn from any jewelry institute or any jewelry professionals. Because the institute and professionals are not everywhere. But this online course is everywhere through the internet.

I have learnt a lot from the industry and still, I learn more and more. I try to develop my skills every day. So I can survive and produce some creativity for my work in the industry. 

So this is the best option I have and I can share it with the whole world. Any interested person can grab this and make his/her career as a professional jewelry designer. This is one of the best gifts I have and I want to share with you. So don't miss this opportunity because this is happening first time on my site and I can say this can change your life if you are serious about learning jewellery designing.

jewelry design course

What is jewelry designing? What is jewellery design course?

Children, aged people, middle-aged men and women and so many of us love to wear jewelry.  Most of the time a new design is needed to make the jewelry that is worn. So the work that is done to create all the new designs that are needed to make jewelry is called jewelry design. 

The main reason for creating a jewelry design is that the jewellers can see the design and make it a reality with the help of any metal like gold silver platinum and colour stone. Jewelry store owners also look at jewelry designs and prepare to make them, and often use jewelry design to make their own jewelry store. 

Many times again the jewelry customer takes the help of jewelry design to make jewelry. Like a customer with a design goes to the jewellers and requests that can you make this jewelry design for me?

Jewelry Design Course Online For Free Video:

jewellery design course online

How this jewelry design course will help you?

This Jewelry Design Course (jewellery design course) You can learn the whole jewelry design course online by watching every video from the beginning to the end while you are at home. You can do jewelry designing courses in distance learning.

Once you have completed the jewelery design course, you can create your own jewellery. You can create the design that you like to make for yourself. Sometimes it happens that you want to make some design, artisan or any other designer who doesn't understand it or you can't explain it to them, you can take it and draw it for yourself. 

You can also create jewelry designs for your own family and friends. You can create your own jewelry design blog or website. You can work in any other jewelry store. You can get a job in a jewelry company. You can also do freelancing. You can do jewelry design online. You can also teach jewelry design to students. You can also open an institute of your own for jewelry design. 

What about jewelry designing job and opportunities?

Jobs in jewelry design are readily available in various small and large cities in India. Such as Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Jaipur and many more.

Even if you want to go abroad for a job in jewelry design, there are many opportunities to do this job in many countries outside India. Some of the special countries are Dubai, Saudi, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Israel, Iran, UK and Lots.

To get the best out of jewelry design you need to be much more focused on your work and keep your work exclusive and innovative. The job of a good designer is always to focus on creativity development and how to create new concepts, how to create new creativity in a new way. 

You can get a lot of good opportunities if you do these things properly and regularly. It may be that you have a better chance than you think, but you need to be perfect and active for your work. 

Who can learn jewelry designing? 

There is no age to learn jewelry design, there is no need to have any category to learn jewelry design, there is no requirement certificate of education qualification.

Whether you are a boy or a girl, a child or an adult, whether you live in the village or in the city, you know how to draw or not but you can learn jewelry design. There is no need to have a category for this. If you are finding how to learn jewellery designing at home then you can follow this blog and watch the youtube channel regularly to learn jewelry design from home through the internet.

Jewelry design can actually be learned at any age whenever you want to learn. If you don't want to go somewhere else to learn design or don't get a chance to go somewhere else, you can become a successful jewelry designer by practising through this article.

What is the best way to learn jewelry designing?

The best way to learn jewelry design is to learn design from a professional and active jewelry designer. But not everyone always has the opportunity to learn design from a professional jewelry designer.  

So with this article you can learn to be a very good professional jewelry designer if you understand every step of jewelry design from beginning to end very well.  And in the jewelry industry you can build your career and improve a lot.

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