Jewellery Design Course Details | Jewellery Designing Stationery

Jewellery Design Course Details

Jewelry Design Modules | Jewellery Design Drawing Tool

 It is very important to know about jewelry design before you start learning it. Through this blog describe all the details of jewelry design like jewellery design drawing tool. Then we can move on to learning jewelry design course. 

Before learning about jewelry design (jewellery design course online), let us know about all the essential things (Jewellery designing stationery) that we will use for jewelry design. Once you have all the essentials, you need to be ready to learn jewelry design course. 

1. Jewelry Design Pencil

 First of all, we will know about Jewelry Design Special Pencil. The normal wooden pencil we usually use for writing or drawing is not used to design jewelry. We use pen pencils with 0.5 leads to design jewelry especially the diamond jewellery design course.  You must pay attention to the fact that the leads are black. 

This type of pen and pencil can be easily found in the local market.  Especially can be found in bookstores, general stores or shopping malls or pen shops. Starting at around 15 to 20 rupees, this pencil can be priced at 100 or 200 or at most 1000 or 2000 or more. However, if someone wants to buy this pencil online they can easily buy it, but the price may be a little higher than the local store price. 

2. Best paper for jewelry designing

 The most useful paper used for jewelry design is usually A4 sizes of white paper and 100 GSM. But if we want to learn jewelry design at low cost, we can use this A4 size with 70 GSM white paper. But then you have to use 100 gsm white paper for best jewelry design performance. 

3. Jewelry design colour

 Normally the wooden color pencils we use for drawing can also be used to color jewelry designs.  If we want to use the best color for jewelry design then watercolour is the best option. And the brush that is used for painting, we can use the same brush for jewelry design. 

4. Best table for jewelry design

 It is very important to have a perfect table to design jewelry. If the size and shape of the table is not right then it can be tough to create design jewelry. Neck pain, Back pain and many other problems can occur if the table is not correct. 

So the table needs to be made in the right way to design the jewelry. Just like a dining table, a computer table is made in its perfect shape and size, it is very important to make the table keeping the perfect size and height in order to design the jewelry. A perfect chair with a perfect table is essential for designing jewelry. Wheelchairs with height-adjustable is the best option for designing jewelry. 

5. Jewelry design modules

 The entire course of Jewelry Design will be taught in one step after another. First of all, you will be taught how many types of diamond shapes can be and what size they can be. Each shape will be taught one by one. Then we will teach different types of carving shapes which are very important for jewelry design. Then there will be some other types of lines that are used to design jewelry. 

Jewelry Design Course Online For Free Video:

6. How many types of jewels are there

 In the next chapter of the jewelry design course, we will teach you how to design ornaments (Jewelry). Ornaments (Jewelry) here means rings designs, necklaces designs sketches, earrings design, bracelets design sketch such designs. 

7. How many shapes in diamond

 Then you will be taught what kind of diamond shapes are easily available in the market and what are those shots. Which diamond is the most used in jewelry design and also the least if used? 

8. What are the different types of gold jewellery?

 What kind of gold is used in gold jewelry design and how many purity gold or what color gold is used most? Such as Rose Gold, White Gold, Yellow Gold and 18 Carat Gold, 22 Carat Gold etc. 

9. How many different types of gemstones (colour stone) are there

 What are the types of color stones? What kind of color stone is used for jewelry design? How big or how small a color stone is used for jewelry will be discussed in this course. What kind of color stone can it be? What is cutting in color stone? Is color stone is also available without cutting? These matters will be discussed in the jewelry design course free. 

10. explain some types of jewelry

 How many types of jewelry can be by category? Such a category can be in the case of many things. But what kind of jewelry can we have now in the market? Such as diamond jewelry, although diamond jewelry can be of many types, can be of different concepts. Can also be designed as a separate market. Besides Gold Jewelery, Palki Jewelery, Imitation Jewelery. There can be many types of imitation jewelry also. All such matters will be discussed next in this course in details. 


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