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Antique Gold Jewellery Design

This is one of the best jewelry design. Antique gold necklace best design for wedding jewelry. This design is created by jewelry designer Surajit Adhikari. Designer Surajit Adhikari is an experienced jewelry designer from Sunshhine based in Mumbai India.

Peacock Concept

This is a peacock concept necklace design. it can be made with 22 Karat gold with enamelling in some portion. This Bridal Jewelry Design is Inspired by Nature. A peacock and some tree leaves and also Indian flower can visible on the gold necklace design. 
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Antique Gold Jewellery Design


 This design created for handmade jewellery design for bridal trendy jewellery design. One side has a beautiful Peacock with wonderful feather and body. another side has a lot of pink flowers small to big size and some roots of the plant are showing nature. this gold necklace design centre part is open and easy to make and easy to wear. On the backside, spring-type join could be made for invisible lock and the way to wear the gold jewelry design. 

Latest antique gold necklace designs video is available on our official youtube channel. students can learn more from video because there has zoom and slow-motion option available. Most of the design video is edited from start to end so anyone can see step by step jewelry design making video on youtube channel..

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I used 0.5 Pen Pencil for the design and 2B leads

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This video is about Some Necklace of Antique Jewellery.

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Antique Gold Jewellery Design zoom flower

Antique Gold Jewellery Design zoom root 
Antique Gold Jewellery Design peacock

Antique Gold Jewellery Design zoom

Antique Gold Jewellery Design zoom feather 

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